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Erwachsen werden?! Ich mach ja viel scheiß mit, aber nicht jeden!
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Es ist eine wunderbare, des Nachdenkens werte Tatsache, daß jedes menschliche Wesen seiner Eigenart nach für andere zu einem tiefen Geheimnis wird - Charles Dickens
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„Because today's Friday the 13th, right? I don't care so much about these things... " - Jodie Starlings last words to Shuichi Akai

Living as Subaru Okiya - getting a colourful downgrad in transportation
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A blinking of steel, a swift movement and a blade was buried deep inside his chest. He stared at me and coughed. Once, twice. Then he collapsed onto the floor and I dropped to my knees. I could hear faint voices from the church's main chamber. I knew that right now, she was kneeling in front of the altar, ready to have the crown set upon her hair, as red as the blood on my hands.
And at this very moment that Mary was crowned Queen of England by the grace of God, I finally felt alive.
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Schicksal dat ist Kismet,
wenn Du nicht weißt, wer der Blöde ist,
dann bist et